Tuesday, February 3, 2015


 This morning I had a cup of coffee, which led me to take myself to the park. Where I played kickball with my husband and something he calls horse, but what I know as around the world. I don't know, maybe that's not even the name of the game. 
 Basically you stand in a place, shoot the ball in to the basketball hoop and then the next person takes a shot from said place. Is there a name for it? I don't know, but whatever the name of this game is, we played that too. 
 I broke a sweat running after the ball playing kickball, it was windy too! Good thing my eyebrows didn't not sweat off. That would have been a pain to deal with.
 Right now I regret that darn cup of coffee. I'm up at the moment, everyone else is sleeping and it's totally unfair. Why you say? Well because tomorrow morning, once my kids are up, sleep time is over. My kids tend to be up by 7am. Once in a while they sleep until 8am, but geez that's a rarity. 
 Anyways, I should just make myself sleep, well I guess after I use the restroom. Isn't that annoying; when you're ready for bed and then your bladder is like: you thought! 

Sweet dreams and don't forget to be :) happy. 
Xox B


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