Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Becoming a vegetarian take 3

  Before I was married, I was a vegetarian, well a lacto-ovo fish eating vegetarian. I was for three years, and I was at my best shape and weight. Once I married my husband, everything changed. He's a total meat and potatoes type. I mean he will eat a salad, but he will eat a steak over a salad any day.
 So here I am, trying once more to be a healthy person. Not only for myself, but for my children. I'd like to see them grow up big and healthy. As we know,good health begins at home. 
 It's been hard for me to go back to being a vegetarian, as I have to cook meat for my husband. Also, bacon is delicious, what can I say? 
 Being over weight, I seriously need to cut meat out of my diet. My body holds on to animal fat, and I don't need it. Stay away!! I have to, I need to eat better than how I am these days.
 So once again I will begin to withdraw myself from all the meat and animal products I can. Which is going to be  three times as hard to do, because this is my third time trying to cut meat out.
 I just know I felt better being a vegetarian, my skin was better, I was more energetic, I had better hair. For the sake of the animals and my vanity, I will succeed! 

 Xoxoxo B 


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