Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hey there!....

 I realized this morning that I didn't do a post yesterday. 
So here's a post for today, and yesterday's: 
 I went for a 3 hour walk today and came across that light post. Isn't funny how people used light post to advertise; yard sale signs, lost and found ads, local band posters, and even balloons were once all over this post. Now it's just empty :/ it probably feels left out. This post was the central post of the party scene!!
 Anyway. Today was perfectly sunny. A wonderful day to go for a walk. There's many things to see on walks. I specially enjoy seeing the types of mailboxes people have. Some are very artistic. I saw one with flames today. You know like how trucks are painted. 
 I also saw this beautiful rose. 
Isn't beautiful? 
 I hope you had a great day and I hope you have a great day tomorrow too. 
 See ya around!
Xox B 

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