Monday, January 19, 2015

Birthday Wish List

 In a few months I will be 27. I cannot believe that I'll be three years away from 30!!! Scary! Haha 30 isn't old, not at all.
 Anyway a few things I've been thinking about getting for my birthday are:

* Justin Boots. I have noticed that they have a line called Gypsy, how awesome is that? They look amazing, although I do need to go in to a boot shop since I've read online that boots are fitted differently than regular shoes. 
 * A watch. Not sure what brand, just has to be waterproof and have an alarm setting. Having kids, I have not worn a watch in about four years, since I'm afraid of it getting in the way.
 * New make up. Ugh hello! There's never enough! 
 For now those are my top items for my wish list. Maybe other things will come to mind later on.

 What watch brand do you recommend? 

As always, thank you for stoping by
 Xox B 


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